Indian visitors to US spends over $13 billion in US in 2016

A Monitor Desk Report 08 May, 2017 | 3249 Views|-+
New Delhi: Indian visitors to the United States have spent more than US $13 million last year according to a US report in the travel and tourism sector. An official of the US embassy in New Delhi has disclosed this on May 5 reports local media.

Patrick O Santillo, Counsellor for Commercial Affairs said that the 2016 figures are all draft figures and that the final statistics would be released in the month of June 2017. He went on to add that it appears that in 2016 the Indian travellers have spent over $13 billion in the United States, generating about 62,500 jobs in the country.

He had been speaking at the Indo-US Promotion of Travel and Tourism conference.

The conference was organized by the Indo-American Chamber of Commerce in collaboration with the US Consulate General. He mentioned that tourism is an essential economic driver and they are lucky enough to enjoy this sort of a connection with India.

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