BA flight makes emergency landing following gas leak

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London: The pilot of a flight of British Airways was forced to make an emergency landing after a suspected leak of noxious fumes inside the cabin affected the health of a crew member of the flight. Reportedly, the fumes had made him vomit, suffer from a short term memory loss and become dizzy.

The crew members were operating an Airbus A380 that was travelling to London from San Francisco.

During this point of time, many of them started wandering around the cabin of the aircraft, visibly ‘lost’ and sick. One of them was even compelled to curl up into a ball with a view to deal with the acute effect of the toxic gas.

After about 40 minutes of the take-off of the flight, a strong, noxious smell was detected.

Unusual behavior of the crew member forced the pilot to divert the aircraft to Vancouver in Canada and opt for an emergency landing. Then, the crew members of the flight had to be rushed to the hospital. But, they continued to feel ill for a few days after the incident.

One of them even vomited in Heathrow’s terminal 5 after he had arrived back in the UK.

Another passenger complained of a ‘tightness in her chest’. Ever since that time, she has been plagued by headaches.

The cabin air in most passenger jets is actually supplied from the compressing section of the engine in a process that is termed as ‘bleed air’. If the seals inside the engine start leaking, it is said that the heated oil fumes can enter the air supply that can lead to serious health hazards among certain people.

The spokesperson also said that there has been no fault in the aircraft.

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