US continues to illegally subsidise Boeing: WTO

A Monitor Desk Report 11 Jun, 2017 | 3715 Views|-+
Brussels: The World Trade Organisation (WTO) on June 9 found that the United States has continued to illegally subsidise aircraft manufacturer Boeing, causing significant harm to its European competitor Airbus.

The WTO ruling confirms that the United States has taken no appropriate action to comply with its obligation to withdraw subsidies declared illegal by the WTO's Appellate Body in 2012, or to remove their adverse effects.

June 9 ruling backs the EU position, finding that the US has not only failed to remove the existing subsidies but has extended them and added significant new distorting subsidies, including incentives from South Carolina and a US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) R&D programme.

The panel also found that US subsidies to Boeing continue to cause severe damage to Airbus in lost sales and market opportunities.

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