IFALPA lauds professionalism of Biman pilot

A Monitor Desk Report 04 Jan, 2017 | 6424 Views|-+
Dhaka: International Federation of Airlines Pilot Association (IFALPA) has praised Captain Nawshad Ataul Quayum of Biman Bangladesh Airlines for showing extraordinary professional skill and efficiency in handling Flight BG 122, landing at Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport with damaged gear.

In a letter to Captain Nawshad, Captain Ron Abel, Acting President, IFALPA said, “I am writing to you to recognise your actions taken on your flight on the December 22, 2016 which ensured the flight landed safely.”

“I have been appraised of the situation and the decisions you made to continue to the airport with the better emergency support and then after the low approaches to confirm the problems, the skill you used to land the aircraft with the damaged landing gear,” he added.

On December 22, Flight BG 122 of Biman Bangladesh Airlines made an emergency landing at Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport (HSIA) following a glitch at a rear wheel.

One of the tires of rear wheels of Boeing B737-800, Chittagong-bound flight returning from Muscat, was damaged immediately after take-off that forced it to make the emergency landing.

The Captain of the flight as a cautionary measure landed safely at HSIA at 10:07am.

The Biman flight left Muscat for Chittagong carrying 149 passengers and seven crew members. But, immediately after the took-off, the Captain noticed the burst tire of the 162-seater leased aircraft and decided to land at HSIA.

Captain Nawshad Ataul Quayum, born in October 17, 1977 in Dhaka, joined Biman as pilot in September 20, 2002 and so far he has completed 8,700 flying hours.

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