JFK airport transformation to cost $10b

A Monitor Desk Report 07 Jan, 2017 | 3642 Views|-+
New York: Andrew Cuomo, Governor, New York on January 4 unveiled a $10 billion plan to revamp John F. Kennedy International Airport. The plan also includes improvement of roads and mass transit.

Long Island Rail Road station connecting to JFK will be modernised, roads in the area expanded, new security measures installed, new terminals will be built, existing ones expanded, so they become interconnected, and raising the number of flights out of the airport increased. When it was built, JFK was ahead of time. Cuomo said

The airport was built in the 1940s, with the first commercial flights taking off in 1949 out of what was then known as Idlewild Airport. It was officially re-named John F. Kennedy International Airport on Christmas Eve, 1963, barely one month after President John F. Kennedy had been assassinated.

There was no mention of where the $7 billion private sector money would come from, but Cuomo remained optimistic.

The state DoT also plans to rebuild a knot of intersecting roadways in Kew Gardens, Queens, that Driscoll, who took the stage alongside Cuomo and other officials to present the project, called a major bottleneck to traffic onto the Van Wyck.

The number of passengers moving through JFK every year is expected to nearly double over the next few decades, reaching 100 million by 2050 from around 60 million this year, according to Cuomo.

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