Divine passengers fly Business Class

A Monitor Desk Report 05 Jul, 2017 | 3428 Views|-+
XIAMEN: Images of three revered Chinese deity statues went viral on social media after they were seen travelling in business class on a flight from China's port city of Xiamen to the Malaysian capital Kuala Lumpur.

The first was the Chinese sea goddess Mazu (also known as Matsu), widely worshipped in southern China as well as countries with large Taoist and Chinese Buddhist communities such as Malaysia, Vietnam and Taiwan.

She is a patroness of the sea and is believed to protect fishermen and sailors.

The other two statues are Qianliyan and Shunfeng'er, heavenly guardians of the goddess.

Qianliyan is known for his powers of far-sightedness while the demon Shunfeng'er possesses the incredible ability to hear all sounds carried by the wind, a role believed to aid sailors and passing ships from advancing storms.

The three statues were sent to Malaysia and Singapore as part of an inaugural cultural exchange tour to pay tribute to the sea goddess and celebrate a festival in her name. It was organised by the Meizhou Mazu Ancestor Temple in China, according to BBC.

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