Malindo Air apologises for flight delay due to technical reasons

A Monitor Desk Report 08 Jul, 2017 | 4444 Views|-+
DHAKA: Malindo Air has experienced flight delay recently as two aircraft were grounded earlier last week due to technical reasons. The airline has insisted the aircraft to be back to operation when the issues are fully resolved, as safety remained the utmost priority.

The airline has been working round the clock over the week to reschedule and to put passengers on their flights as soon as possible. Additional manpower was deployed to assist passengers on the ground.

“I understand it was a horrible time for our passengers due to the delay,” said Chandran Rama Muthy, CEO, Malindo Air.

“Some of you have been waiting for long hours, stranded in the airport; some missed your holidays, appointments and family time.”

“On behalf of Malindo Air, I want to apologise on the experience that you hove gone through. We have worked round the clock to fix the issue and the schedule is back to normal now,” said Chandran Rama Muthy.

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