Taiwan’s Economics Minister resigns following power outage

255 tourists left hanging in cable car

A Monitor Desk Report 17 Aug, 2017 | 3113 Views|-+
TAIWAN: More than 250 passengers were left stranded on a cable car ride in Taiwan on Tuesday, following a power outage.

A local news paper reports that all cable cars at the Maokong Gondolas, a major attraction that transports passengers to and from Taipei Zoo, ceased operating during the “massive power blackout”, leaving 255 passengers hanging high above the trees in the gondolas.

Meanwhile, Taiwan’s Economics Minister, Lee Chih-kung, has apologised to the public and handed in his resignation following this incidence

The incident reportedly occurred at 5.40pm on Tuesday, causing the cable cars to come to an abrupt halt. The passengers had to be evacuated from the cable cars.

Human error has been blamed for the outage, which plunged roads, shopping malls and offices across the island into darkness.

The Maokong Gondolas is a 4.3km cable car ride that transports visitors between Taipei Zoo and the village of Maokong. Some of the cabins have glass floors.

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