First Airbus A320 built in US takes flight

A Monitor Desk Report 19 Aug, 2017 | 1953 Views|-+
US: The first Airbus A320 aircraft to be produced at the Airbus’ US Manufacturing Facility in Mobile, Alabama, has flown for the first time.

The A320 took off from the Mobile Aeroplex at Brookley on August 15 morning.

The flight lasted approximately four hours, during which tests were performed on systems, engines and structural performance.

The Airbus US Manufacturing Facility can produce three members of the A320 Family: the A319, A320 and A321.

Thus far, the 36 aircraft delivered since operations began in 2015 have been A321s, making April 15’s flight another milestone for the US-based production facility.

Typically seating 150 passengers in two classes, or up to 180 in a high-density layout for charter and low-cost operations, the A320 is in widespread service around the world, flying routes ranging from short commuter sectors to coast-to-coast US flights.

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