Japan to built fastest-ever bullet train

A Monitor Desk Report 10 Jan, 2017 | 4964 Views|-+
Tokyo: Japan has started building a new ultra-high-speed rail line between Tokyo and Nagoya – 10 years ahead of its scheduled launch

.Local media reportsthe ultra highspeed train - Chuo Shinkansen maglev (magnetic levitation) line will allow passengers to cover the 286km journey between the two cities in just 40 minutes, running at a maximum speed of 505 kph.

A prototype of the new Japanese maglev train has already broken the world rail speed record, reaching 603kph on a recent test run.

It would cost JPY5.5 trillion (US$47 billion) to develop and more than 80% of the line will consist of tunnels. New stations will also be constructed in Tokyo and Nagoya.

The maglev line is scheduled to open in 2027, but further work could see the line extended between Nagoya and Osaka in future.

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