Tourist arrival to Istanbul down in 2016

A Monitor Desk Report 11 Jan, 2017 | 2420 Views|-+
Istanbul: In just ended year 2016,the percentage of foreign tourists travelling to Istanbul has seen a major drop of 25.9 percent as compared to the previous year as reported by the Istanbul Culture and Tourism Directorate.

The decline in the tourist arrivals in December 2016 is 18 per cent compare to December 2015.

Istanbul recorded 4.441.458 foreign tourists in the first half of 2016, a drop of 35.2 per cent in the arrival figures. 4.762.529 tourists visited in the second half of the year. 9.2 million tourists visited Istanbul in 2016.

As source countries of foreign tourists, Europe topped the list with 3.9 million arrivals and followed by the Middle East with 2.3 million. These were followed by Asia, Africa, North America, Latin America and Oceania.

Germans topped the list by taking 10.9 percent of the share in total arrivals in 2016, followed by Iranians at 7 percent, Saudi Arabians at 5.2 percent, Britons at 4 percent, French tourists at 3.9 percent, Americans at 3.5 percent and Russians at 3.2 percent.

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