Biman employee sets example of honesty

A Monitor Desk Report 11 Jan, 2017 | 4169 Views|-+
Dhaka: A non-resident Bangladeshi (NRB) has got back his money left on the seat pocket of a Biman Bangladesh Airlines aircraft because of the honesty of a Biman official.

Purser Mohammad Ashraf Al Kader, known to his colleagues as Happy, has set an example by returning 3,285 pound sterling to Shamim Ahmed Chowdhury of London.

A Biman press release said, prior to the take-off of London-Dhaka Flight BG-002 on December 14, 2016, a Biman passenger drew the attention of Happy to a polythene packet on the seat pocket and asked him to remove it. Thinking that it would not look nice to take the packet all the way to the waste bin of the aircraft in front of all the passengers, he put the rubbish in the pocket of his uniform. Ultimately, he forgot all about it.

The flight came to Dhaka after a stopover in Sylhet. Happy went to his residence and when changing his uniform noticed that the packet contained aforesaid amount. There was a piece of paper containing a London phone number.

Happy contacted the number and became sure that the money belonged to Shamim Ahmed Chowdhury, who went to Happy’s Muhammadpur house in the city on December 29 and took back the money.

Shamim Ahmed Chowdhury said, “I am overwhelmed. It seems like a dream to me. I had given up hope of getting back the money.”

He said, “I am proud of Bangladesh and of Biman. This shows there are still good men in the country. It’s hard to get such an amount back in developed countries,” he added.

Happy, son of Rasheda Kader and Late Kazi Nurul Kader and nephew of celebrated columnist Late ABM Musa, said, “I did it out of a sense of responsibility.”

Managing Director and CEO of Biman Bangladesh Airlines has honoured Happy by presenting him with a certificate for his honesty at a simple ceremony at the Balaka Head Office of Biman.

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