Changi handles 60m passengers this year

A Monitor Report 21 Dec, 2017 | 3067 Views|-+
SINGAPORE: Changi Airport Group celebrated the crossing of yet another milestone on December 18, recording 60 million passenger movements in 2017, a first in a calendar year.

With more than 60 million passengers now passing through Changi Airport yearly, the aviation sector will continue to be a key contributor to Singapore’s economy. It provides more than 160,000 jobs, and contributes 6 per cent of Singapore’s GDP.

The steady growth in aviation is expected to continue, with Asia as the centre of aviation growth in the next 20 years.

Since Changi Airport’s opening in 1981, four terminals have opened to cater for the airport’s growth, with Terminal 4 commencing operations on 31 October this year. Passenger traffic has increased steadily in the last 36 years. By 1986, Changi was already serving more than 10 million passengers per annum (mppa), and this increased to 20 mppa in 1994, 30 mppa in 2004, 40 mppa in 2010 and 50 mppa in 2012. In April this year, the airport recorded its 1 billionth passenger since opening.

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