Turkish Airlines aims 74m passengers, sales revenue US$1.8 b in 2018

- A Monitor Report 06 Jan, 2018 | 2719 Views|-+
Istanbul: Turkish Airlines plans to carry up to 74 million passengers in 2018. In a dispatch to Istanbul Stock Exchange on January 4, said that “the total number of passengers carried is targeted to reach 74 million, including 33 million on domestic routes and 41 million on international routes.”

The airline said the sales revenue was targeted to hit $11.8 billion this year.

The company expects to increase its capacity by 5-6 percent year-on-year in 2018 to reach approximately 183 million Available Seat Kilometers (ASK), which measures an airline’s total passenger capacity in kilometers.

“Capacity (ASK) increase is expected to be 10 percent in Turkey, 9 percent in Middle East, 6 percent in Europe, 6 percent in the Far East, 4 percent in America and 3 percent in Africa regions,” it said.

Turkish Airlines projected its seat occupancy to be around 79-80 percent in the new year, adding the volume of cargo/mail carried was expected to increase by 21 percent reaching 1.3 million tons.

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