United to install Smart Runway, Smart Landing, IntuVue

A Monitor Report 28 Jan, 2018 | 3029 Views|-+
CHICAGO: Multiple Honeywell cockpit technologies have been selected by United Airlines to outfit its new fleet of more than 150 Boeing 737 MAX airplanes.

The flight deck package will include the first installment of Honeywell’s SmartRunway and SmartLanding on a Boeing B737 MAX and will feature Honeywell’s IntuVue RDR-4000 3D Weather Radar System and Integrated Multi-Mode Receiver.

These solutions work in tandem to greatly improve passenger safety and comfort during takeoff, landing and potentially hazardous weather conditions.

This contract marks the first time Honeywell will provide United Airlines' airplanes with its selectable suite of cockpit technologies, ensuring United Airlines meets current and upcoming regulations mandated by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) such as the use of Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast Out.

The technology uses precise Global Positioning System data to accurately pinpoint an aircraft’s position in real time and to share this data with surrounding aircraft and air traffic control.

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