Biman resumes direct cargo flights to London

- A Monitor Report 15 Mar, 2018 | 4985 Views|-+
DHAKA: National carrier Biman Bangladesh Airlines resumed direct cargo flight to London on March 14 nearly two years after the UK authorities had imposed an embargo.

Flight BG001 of Biman Bangladesh Airlines left Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport (HSIA) for London at 10:45 am carrying 18 tonnes of cargo, mainly apparel, in a regular passenger flight.

UK authorities gave Biman the certification -- ACC3 -- on behalf of the EU on March 12. This certification is an EU prerequisite for airlines carrying cargo into the EU from a non-EU airport.

According to the European Commission website, “Air carriers that fly air cargo or mail into the EU from a non-EU airport are required to comply with the EU ACC3 programme for inbound cargo and mail.”

Biman fulfilled the EU compliance requirement under the ACC3 programme following an audit in February 19 to 22 this year. Now, there is no restriction on it in carrying cargo directly to London.

The successful compliance of audit has created hopes for reduced shipment cost and transit time as well as withdrawal of bans by the European Union, Germany and Australia on direct cargo flights from HSIA.

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