Fog triggers cancellation of London flights, causes Christmas chaos

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Dhaka: Thick fog is threatening to trigger a great deal of travel chaos during the upcoming Christmas period since several flights are getting delayed and also cancelled for the second day. The meteorological department has issued a severe weather warningon Sunday

. It has said that the fog is causing reduced visibility that might lead to hazardous consequences.

The foggy conditions have largely impacted both the Gatwick and Heathrow airports over the last weekend.

A spokesperson of Heathrow Airport said that as much as 30 flights had to be ‘tactically cancelled’ owing to the reduced runway capacity. London City Airport, however, opened as normal. But even then, it advised its passengers to check the status of the flights with their respective airline companies prior to travelling.

Meteorologist Luke Miall said that since there is no wind to enable the aircrafts to move across, it has been persisting for quite some time now.

He added that though the fog was existent throughout the day, but then it has just become heavier over the night. But then, he also feels that very soon the fog is going to be displaced. The weather conditions would add to the disruption woes, and this chaotic period has been dubbed as the ‘Christmas of discontent’.

About 1,500 Swissport check-in staff members, cargo crew and baggage handlers at 18 UK airports have been planning to go on a 48-hour strike that is likely to commence from 23rdDecember.

And, about 4,500 cabin crew members of British Airways based at Heathrow would also call a strike on 25thDecember and also on 26thDecember, supported by Unite.

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