Muslim travellers will spend $157 billion by 2020

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• Global Halal tourism sector driven by millennial

• US & EU take 53% of inbound Muslim market share worth $64.8 billion

• KSA biggest outbound Muslim market worth $23.3 billion

Muslim travellers will spend $157 billion by 2020, driven by millennial travellers and the top outbound market remains Saudi Arabian, which will grow 17% over the next three years alone, to reach $27.9 billion.

The figures were released during Arabian Travel Market’s Global Halal Tourism Summit 2018, which took place at the Dubai World Trade Centre yesterday (Tuesday 24th April).

During the first seminar, entitled ‘Halal Tourism – How far have we come?’ Faeez Fadhlillah, Founder & CEO of Salam Standard and Tripfez, highlighted the growing importance of Muslim millennial travellers illustrated by the changing global socio-economic trends and underscored the potential pent up demand.

“The biggest countries and some of the fastest growing economies in the world are found in Asia and the Middle East. These regions typically have large Muslim populations which are young with prosperous middle classes.

“In addition, second and third generation Muslim communities in developed economies such as Europe and North America now have far more purchasing power and overall, their combined growth generates increased demand for faith-based travel and tourism,” he said.

During the second seminar, ‘Halal travel becomes mainstream’ Omar Ahmed, founder and CEO of Sociable Earth, revealed some of the key results from a recent survey, in which 35,000 Muslim travellers participated.

“Certainly, the halal travel market has graduated from its niche status to become an industry-shaping force, in its own right. It has become mainstream,” said Ahmed.

“It is also clear that mainstream travel and tourism organisations will now have to become far more pro-active, if they want to attract increasing numbers of Halal travelers and tap into the potential of this massive market. Even destinations in western countries can do more.

“The campaign that we managed for Geneva Tourism can now be used as a benchmark. Together we gained an additional 70,000 unique visitors to their website,” added Ahmed.

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