US-Bangla to launch USB Express courier services

- A Monitor Report 03 May, 2018 | 16504 Views|-+

USB Express, a sister organisation of a leading private carrier of Bangladesh, the US-Bangla Airlines, will soon launch a global standard courier services for domestic and international market.

USB Express envisages ensure security, tracking of parcels with high-tech equipment to make sure of fast delivery of packages.

The courier service is expected to be affordable will soon enter into a competitive market.

USB Express is committed for delivery of packages, to any destination in domestic and international destinations from day one.

The courier services’ has three approaches for the satisfaction of the customers. Delivery of packages of one business house to another organisation, delivery of customers packages to business house and delivery of customer’s packages to destined customers.

USB Express has plans for establishment of offices in different districts and also offers franchise for appointment of agents in all districts of Bangladesh.

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