Expo Freight Limited begins weekly air freight from Dhaka to New York

- A Monitor Report 20 May, 2018 | 4483 Views|-+
Dhaka : Expo Freight Limited, also known as EFL has started its weekly air freight from DAC to New York in collaboration with Qatar Airways from May 13.

The exclusive freighter will carry only EFL’s goods every Monday which will facilitate mostly apparel, consumer goods and other industries to ship their cargo to New York from Dhaka within shortest period of time. With this additional freighter RMG sector would be immensely benefited in terms of timely delivery, urgent shipments and emergency situations.

EFL, is the leading global brand and market leader in air freight which offers a complete range of solution of shipment with vast and robust channels to every recognized country across the globe. Expo Freight founded in Colombo in 1982 started its business in Bangladesh in 1993 gained the confidence of export and import industry rapidly and today they are considered as most trusted logistic partner around the world.

‘I am very pleased to inaugurate a dedicated air freight service with a leading carrier which will ensure highest level of service to our clients to reach their goods to New York in short span of time. We can offer our customers worry free shipments ignoring port congestions and delay to hit the top market of the world just in time,’ says Jan Van Der Poorten, Director & CEO of Expo Freight Limited.

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