Lufthansa, Swiss, Austrian Airlines customer services now available on Messenger

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Frankfurt : Lufthansa, Swiss and Austrian Airlines customer services are now available via Messenger App.

Lufthansa Group passengers often have queries about the flight being on time, departure gate, amount of hand luggage etc. In order to know answers to such questions quickly, passengers now have access to a digital assistant.

The Chatbots- Elisa (Lufthansa), Nelly (Swiss) and Maria (Austrian Airlines), based on the names of the first female flight attendants of each of the three airlines - are available to customers around the clock, every day.

To start the dialogue with one of the digital helpers, the customer needs Facebook Messenger. If this is already present on the smartphone, it is sufficient to enter, or in the browser. The Facebook Messenger can also be used without a Facebook profile by using your own mobile phone number.

The flight status can be queried as well as information about delayed or cancelled flights. If a flight is cancelled or the customer misses the connecting flight, the passenger can use the chatbots to make their own rebookings. Either the passsenger is shown a rebooking that has already been made automatically, or selects a new flight to the destination from the alternatives offered.

The chatbots can be used by all Lufthansa, Swiss and Austrian Airlines customers. If the digital assistants do not know what to do, the chat can be forwarded directly to a service center employee. The dialog language is English.

In the future, the chatbots will also be able to provide specific answers on free baggage allowances, the whereabouts of baggage or push notifications in the event of delays, cancellations or gate changes.

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