Amazon enters travel trade with flight booking platform in India

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New Delhi : E-commerce giant Amazon has launched flight search and booking services on its platform in India for domestic flights only. The service is powered by local online travel agency Cleartrip.

By booking flight tickets on Amazon, customers can use their existing contact details and payment information, saving the effort of entering this information every time.

Customers can see the payable amount including all applicable charges such as convenience fees which are shown transparently. In case of any cancellation from customers’ end, they only have to pay the airline cancellation penalty with Amazon not levying any additional charges.

Customers get a seamless rewards experience - the best offer is automatically applied without the hassle of remembering coupon codes.

During the launch period, Amazon is offering rewards for everyone. While all customers can get cashback up to INR 1,600 (USD 23); Prime members are being offered extra rewards up to INR 2,000 (USD 29).

Carriers such as AirAsia, IndiGo, Air India and GoAir are shown in the search results. A 15pc cashback offer is currently in play and is redeemed when users complete the booking.

Second attempt

This is not the first time Amazon attempted to enter into travel trade. In 2015, the online retail juggernaut launched and closed Amazon Destinations service in a span of five months.

Prior to the launch of the flight booking platform, talks of Amazon introducing a hotel booking and launching the flight booking site first came a surprise.

Amazon's move to the travel industry could give it a baseline USD 600 million profit on an annual basis but this is only for the hotel booking business.

Amazon's focus on selection/service, pricing and frictionless payment that drive conversion and stronger user economics also translate directly to travel.

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