First world class sea aquarium in Cox’s Bazar

Radiant Fish World, where education meets adventure

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Dhaka : With the aim of showcasing the undiscovered world and marine bio-diversity under the sea surface to the people, the first world-class sea aquarium in Cox’s Bazar Radiant Fish World has added a new dimension to the area’s tourism.

Not only it offers eco-tourism based entertainment but also marine education to the avid minds.

Radiant Fish World has a collection of almost 200 live marine species. Among them are several kinds of octopuses, snails, sharks, crabs, prawns, jellyfishes and many other species.

Every day, the aquarium is bringing in new species to educate and delight the visitors. The facility has even 150-year old valuable species.

“It has already garnered a huge response from foreign and local tourists, sea-lovers and students. People are coming in from various parts of the country to witness this first-of-a-kind facility,” said Nazrul Islam, Director, Radiant Fish World.

Upon entering through the mouth of a shark, visitors will find the map of Bangladesh’s maritime province. Then one by one they will see the marine species all around them as they follow an eye-catching trail making them feel they are underwater.

Also all sorts of information are provided about all the species showcased there. That makes this place perfect for students or kids to learn about marine biology.

Moreover, the multistoried facility has integrated many other services to offer tourists complete entertainment for an entire day.

For instance, besides the sea aquarium, Radiant Fish World offers fish feeding facility that kids and families enjoy.

Following the trail of species, visitors will soon come across a coffee shop and food corner. After a while, they will find a 3D movie theatre to their delight.

The facility also provides photography services that visitors can avail. It prints out the photos from its own colour lab.

There is also a souvenir shop for tourists to buy attractive gifts from. Achar is also available since it is a popular item in Cox’s Bazar to tourists.

For further delight to kids, there is a games zone offering both physical (rides) and PS4 games at a reasonable price.

The facility also has an enormous Live Fish Restaurant on the third floor just beside the game zone. All sorts of items are available there for visitors to dig in.

Above it, is the huge convention hall on the fourth floor where meeting and programmes take place. And on the rooftop on the fifth, the facility has arrangements for BBQ parties.

The ticket price for visiting the fish world is BDT 300. Per rides at the game zone costs BDT 50.

“Established in November 2017, Radiant Fish World has brought a new activity for visitors to do besides visiting the beach in Cox’s Bazar. This was long-awaited,” said the Director.

He further mentioned that they are offering 40 per cent discount for study trips (min 20 students) arranged to visit the fish world.

“We have recently launched free bus services for travel from different points of Cox’s Bazar to the fish world,” said Islam.

Among further plans, the director claimed that they are looking for ways to expand and make Radiant Fish World even better. They will soon introduce 9D games and movies as well as a separate coffee shop at the premise, concluded Islam.

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